Always young


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Life doesn’t end in a retirement home – and if Jan Hřebejk films it, it will be fun too

The authors´ names, the legendary director and the great cast of the upcoming comedy series guarantee fun and humour that will make the audience smile. Milan Kňažko, Bolek Polívka and Vlado Černý – these respectable actors are the key trio and the tip of the comedy acting iceberg for all young spirits.

Three pensioners meet at the end of their lives in a luxurious retirement home. They discover that even in their old age they can still have adventure and fun, especially if they make new friends there. They support each other, argue, deal with illnesses, relationships and family issues. And all this with their own humour.

genre: comedy series

episodes: 10 x 50´

script: Kristína Cibulková, Stano Guštafík, Ivan Predmerský

dramaturgy: Petr Kolečko

director: Jan Hřebejk

starring: Milan Kňažko, Bolek Polívka, Vladimír Černý, Lucia Siposová, Jana Švandová, Zuzana Kocúriková, Juraj Ďurdiak, Zuzana Cigánová, Pavel Nový, Jana Oľhová, Zuzana Porubjaková a ďalší