Lóve 2


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Your actions can save you or destroy you… The decision is yours.

Screenwriter and director Jakub Kroner, who has already made successful films such as Bratislavafilm, Lóve, Šťastný nový rok (Happy New Year), Lokal Filmis and the series Milenky (Mistresses), Kuchyňa (Kitchen) and Lokal TV, has returned to his Lóve project in its sequel.

The film´s Slovak storyline is about the politically motivated murder of a female prime minister in a post-communist country and the struggle for power in the heart of Europe, where organised crime still has a strong influence. Set in Thailand, the storyline shows that the destination is not only loved by tourists, but also by criminals from Eastern Europe, who seek their safe hideout there, unaware that they could become easy prey for even worse guys… The main character of the film is a lonely warrior, a former soldier of the Foreign Legion and a criminal who can’t step out of the shadow of his past. Only love can stop him, but… can he realize that before it’s too late?

genre: thriller                                                                                                                           running time: 100´                                                                                                                  direction and script: Jakub Kroner                                                                                          starring: Michal Nemtuda, Kristína Svarinská, Jakub Gogál, Dušan Cinkota, Jana Kolesárová, Vladimír Furdík and others