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JOJko TV, which at the end of 2019 replaced the then four-year-old TV Rik, is an established brand on the TV market. It is the best known, most watched and most popular children’s TV station. It is available in 95% of households (which is more than one million households) throughout Slovakia and has an educational character.

The program structure of JOJka consists of foreign acquisitions, Czechoslovak fairytales and formats from its own production, which are added to the broadcast every year.

In recent years, we have brought to child viewers the adventures and songs of popular children´s entertainers like Sníček, Dúhalka and the MalinyJam band, an educational animated series about child upbringing Jojo, to vážne?!, the ecological musical series Ekofaktor, a series from the Zoopark zoo, and the show called Babička rozprávaj, which in cooperation with the Kandráčovci family, focuses on Slovak traditions and culture.

Among the most popular acquisitions are the animated series Labková patrola, Máša a medveď, Pat a Mat or Sponge Bob. In 2024, the youngest viewers can once again look forward to attractive acquisitions and educational programs from the TV´s own production.

JOJko events

JOJko TV entertains audiences not only through television broadcasting. The youngest fans come into contact with the TV station and children´s entertainers at events all over Slovakia and Czech Republic. Music and entertainment events are revived with a number of sports activities such as the race on child bicycles, JOJKO BIKE CUP. Apart from competing, kids can also sing and dance at the events.

Our child entertainers´ music reaches children also via CDs and DVDs. We work with top child entertainers like Fíha tralala or Spievankovo, we broadcast the series Angličanina and Letný hit and we are planning a joint project with Spievankovo on good manners.

Under the children’s television brand, JOJ Group also publishes book titles which aim to motivate the youngest readers to read and develop their imagination. The latest book Jojo, to vážne?! isbased on the series of the same name from the TV´s own production. The book was written by Branislava Hronská and published by Ikar.


JOJ Group’s second children´s station broadcasting in Slovak offers a variety of traditional and new fairytales to preschool viewers. Ťuki TV was created as a TV station entirely tailored to the business client JOJ Group and is available only to customers of the Slovak operator Telekom.

In the TV station’s rich program, children will find older iconic and newer modern favourites, and both foreign (dubbed) and Slovak series. These include, for example Macko Uško, Bob a Bobek, Králiky z klobúka, O dievčatku Makovičke, Pat a Mat, as well as new favourites such as Máša a medveď, Robin Hood, Ovečka Shaun or Labková Patrola. The diversity of Ťuki TV’s portfolio is complemented by its own shows prepared in cooperation with the popular singer Miro Jaroš.