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Valetin is an affiliate network, a local platform that sells in-stream video ad formats and offers advertisers within the Slovak inventory higher reach to target audiences, efficient scheduling, easier purchase and local market support.

Above all, Valetin represents a brand safety environment and provides advertisers with high viewability and minimized fraud traffic. This system of video ad distribution to users eliminates unwanted overlaps in rarities´ reach among publishers and technologically unifies the video ad formats being sold. These meet IAB standards. And support of independent measurement scripts across the inventory is commonplace.

  • The largest and most comprehensive local video inventories
  • More than 50 portals connected to the network
  • More than 2.1 million viewers per month
  • JOJ Group portals are an absolute leader in time spent watching a video

Moreover, our JOJ play streaming platform is now included in Valetin’s inventory and it is possible to target advertising on it, even on BIGSCREENS! JOJ play gets your content to the  TV viewers and your video ads to their natural environment, to a living room, a tablet or a phone.

At the same time, we are opening JOJ play for Valetin network partners. Selected content will be available on JOJ play. We want to bring viewers more interesting content from our partners’ productions, to expand our partners´ audience base and for advertisers we want more quality content with the possibility of targeting.