JOJ Svet


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The newest and fourteenth JOJ Group station is a documentary television station that offers uninterrupted broadcasting and brings the best and the latest documentaries from around the world in Slovak language. It is a rich selection of original Slovak and partner international documentaries from renowned local and foreign filmmakers.

We cover all documentary genres with the new JOJ WORLD TV. The program is tailored to a wide range of viewers and the most diverse target groups interested in travelogue, natural history, architecture, science, space, history, as well as a view on current trends and the future.

In the upcoming seasons, some of the station´s program highlights will be represented by acquisition titles like Empire Games, Hollywood Weapons, Killer Inside, but also Návštevníci (Visitors), the winning film of the largest Slovak documentary film festival Jeden svet (One World) 2022. JOJ World also supports emerging documentary filmmakers and students, and will showcase the best of the documentary production from Banská Bystrica Academy of Arts´ directors.

The specific feature of the new JOJ World television is the author production. In 2024, we will launch several local and co-produced documentaries and series of different genres – for instance, our upcoming project Hitler’s Secret Missions or the series Alien’s Files: Reopened.

The JOJ World program will not miss documentaries by Pavol Barabáš, a great Slovak documentary filmmaker. In addition, JOJ TV has long been involved in the creation of documentary series by our recognized editor Veronika Homolová Tóthová. From among her works we will present the historical documentaries Hľadanie spomienok (Searching for Memories), Atentát na Heydricha (The Assassination of Heydrich) and the series Neumlčaní (The Unsilenced).

All documentary titles from the JOJ World broadcast will be available in the Premium section on our JOJ play streaming platform. The station’s live broadcasts will also be available on the streaming platform.