JOJ Family


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JOJ Family is a full format family television for Czech viewers and for Slovaks living in the Czech Republic. It has been broadcasting for seven years as a free-to-air DVB-T station, which is included in the 4th Czech multiplex and is also available in the offer of Czech satellite, cable and IPTV operators.

In its varied and rich program, JOJ Family offers legendary Czech films and series, foreign acquisitions and European production of diverse genres, but above all the best of the original program production of the parent JOJ television.

In 2024, the Czech JOJ Family will broadcast the latest series from the Slovak JOJ TV production, including Ranch, Criminal Crime II and Love in Istanbul. Popular shows New Home, At the cottage and Shopoholics will see its premiere episodes.

The daily broadcast structure will mainly include proven and successful formats – Courtroom, Cops in action, The first department, Protectors, Rescuers – as well as established original JOJ series, such as Professionals, Kutyil s.r.o., Uhorčík or Gravediggers.

For the first time in its history, in 2024, JOJ Family will present great Czech film classics such as Girl on a Broom, Isn’t It a Soldier, Village School, Three Veterans, The Baker’s Emperor, The Emperor’s Baker, Holiday with an Angel, Angel on the Mountains, Lemonade Joe, Love from the Passage, A Friend in the Rain, Disco Story, Krakonoš and the Skiers, Next Time We’ll Be Smarter, Old Man, I’ll be good, Grandfather, and more. In 2024, JOJ Family will continue to present older and legendary Czech and Czechoslovak series that still have their loyal fans, such as Thirty cases of Major Zeman, The woman behind the counter, The man in the town hall, There were six of us, The long mile, The laws of motion. For the first time in the station´s broadcast, audiences will see the successful series Necklase starring Libuše Šafránková.