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The well-known lifestyle show is an old-new hit!

In January 2023, after a hiatus of several years, the fashion and shopping show returned to the screens – primarily to the JOJ play streaming platform. It enjoyed such success that it subsequently received a desired facelift and, with updated rules, entered the autumn broadcast with more premiere episodes. In the earlier afternoon slot, the show performed well above average and moved to a later, almost early evening time slot.

With its high ratings, the show confirmed its place in both TV and stream broadcast and will remain in JOJ´s program structure next year. The shopping maniacs in front of the cameras and on-screen will be accompanied by stylists, influencers and professional make-up artists who share a passion for fashion trends and elevate the duty of dressing up to an art.

genre: lifestyle show

runtime: 45´

dramaturgy & director: Ľudmila Lenárová