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A family saga of female strength, prejudice, courage and self-acceptance

The latest saga of the successful Danica HriÄŤová, screenwriter of the most popular series (Hospital – Nemocnica, Wild Horses – DivokĂ© kone, Wolves – Vlci, Stormy Wine – BĂşrlivĂ© vĂ­no, Men do not cry – Chlapi neplaÄŤĂş), will bring to the screen the story of three generations of two families with whom we will experience heartbreaking stories of disappointment, passion, betrayal, sin, forgiveness, but most of all, love.

The family of the tough and proud Zita Zeman needs to keep the Ranch and the entire farm with its precious horses afloat. The only chance to regain the family’s luster is to return to mining gold and precious metals in the abandoned mines that have long belonged to them. But the family of Zita’s old rival, witch Anna, arrives on the scene. One day of dredging and a dangerous secret with a dark plot emerges from the sleepy mines. All it takes is one meeting of Anna’s granddaughter Nela with Zita’s grandson Ondrej, and buried secrets of friends from youth begin to emerge from the past.

genre: family series

episodes: 32 x 50´

script & creative producer: Danica Hričová

director: Petr Nikolaev

starring: Nela Pocisková, Kristína Madarová, Anna Javorková, Dana Karolová, Eva Matejková, Roman Poláčik, Noël Czuczor, David Uzsák, Miro Noga, Helena Geregová, Hana Gregorová, Juraj Ďurdiak, Robert Sipos, Viki Petrášová and others