Seventh heaven


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The popular family show that has been making people’s dreams come true for years

The show of popular host Vilo Rozboril and his skilful production team has for many years been fulfilling the life dreams of ordinary people who find themselves in need. Over the few last years, the show has been broadcast during the Advent season, bringing moving stories full of strong emotions, written by life itself. The stories that can make Slovak people smile but also cry.

Once again, the show’s crew will travel all over Slovakia to help. For example, to families who find themselves in an unsolvable life situation. Disabled people who would like to perform a unique sport or art feat and can’t do it on their own. Or to clever children whose talents cannot be developed because of inadequate family circumstances. Over the years on TV screens, we have knocked on the doors of many amazing heroes and we will continue to do so!

genre: family show

runtime: 90´

production: NUNEZ NFE

director: Peter Núñez

host: Viliam Rozboril