Marry me now


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Here comes a powerfully emotional reality show you’ll fall in love with!

When the bride-to-be takes the initiative right in front of the cameras, will there be a wedding? Will HE immediately say YES?

Many women aspire to be brides, become wives and start a family, but somehow their beloved half is not up to the act. They live in a stagnating long-term relationship that needs a little nudge to the next level – to marriage. The creators of the globally successful Marry Me Now want to help women get what they want. Slovak women now have the same chance and together with our TV crew, few of them will organise their fairytale wedding. And the audience will be there!

The show will give women in long-term relationships a chance to take destiny into their own hands and help them organise the wedding without their partners knowing about it. On that special day, the bride will go to her unsuspecting potential groom and ask him in front of the cameras, “Will you marry me NOW?”

genre: docu-reality show

runtime: 50´

license: Armoza formats (Marry me now)

creative producer: Marek Ružička