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Social media are now an integral part of the media market and an effective platform through which we at JOJ Group reach out to online users of different target groups with the latest trends and original formats.
On our social media, we inform about the program of JOJ Group TV stations and show behind-the-scenes of TV production, interesting interviews and snapshots from the lives of the hosts, editors and actors. Fans can also interactively co-create online entertainment and be an active part of a space that is perfect for direct contact with our viewers.
In 2023, we once again celebrated the online success and growth of our networks, in terms of fanbase, interactions and overall reach. We have long been ranking among the TOP media on Slovak networks.                                                                                                                        

Video content still plays the biggest role, so we focus on popular reels and our own mini specials for social networks – for example, Daj song or #komenty. In cooperation with our JOJ play streaming service, we are also launching new shows – e.g. the show NákupnĂ© maniaÄŤky – donakupovanĂ© with influencer Diana Tuha (@nasratazena).          

We’ve had very good feedback on our collaborations with influencers – Samozvany (Samuel Miškov), Nina Janová, Ema Fajnor, Bergino (Adam Benger), Vsakjatomero (Tomáš KriĹľan), Zuzana VaÄŤková, Janucick (Jana Ĺ˝ampachová), Eva Evelyn Kramerová or Fero Joke. Our in-house team also includes the popular TikToker, a content hunter who appeals especially to the youngest target groups.


  • We are one of the biggest, most successful and strongest FB pages in Slovakia
  • We were the first Slovak television to cross the 500 000 fans mark
  • Posts often reach more than a million viewers
  • We have more than 553 000 followers
  • Million reach and millions of interactions (like, comment, share) per month
  • Average monthly reach is around 4 million


  • 268 000 followers
  • We can generate from 1.5 to 2.0 million reached accounts per month
  • More than 20 million impressions per month


  • Almost 300 000 followers
  • Around 11 million video views on average per month
  • Around 900 000 interactions on average per month (like, comment, share) 


  • 1 180 000 followers
  • 2.35 billion views since its formation
  • In 2023 (by the end of September) almost 135 million views
  • Most popular podcasts include 24 podcast: SME v kaviarni with Peter TkaÄŤenko and TV JOJ Arpád SoltĂ©sz
  • The most watched videos include catchphrases and interesting scenes from the series Nemocnica, Tomáš a Diana, Hranica, Naši, Prázdniny, Panelák, Profesionáli
  • Jokes from the show What´s My Line are also very popular