What´s my line


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Who doesn’t know the entertainment show with the longest broadcast tradition?

What´s My Line has become iconic, the longest-running and extremely popular entertainment show in which every week famous celebrities guess the occupations of the guests. The unforgettable host Vlado Voštinár is in the company of funny celebrities. Some of them we see on regular basis, like Michal Hudák, who has perhaps never missed a single episode. He is regularly joined by Marián Čekovský, Marcel Forgáč, Zdena Studenková, Zuzana Šebová or Juraj Šoko Tabaček.

Many actors and comedians have tried out the chair among the contestants, which has always resulted in outbursts of laughter in the crew and in the audience. But what captivates the audience the most is the endless well of occupations and secret guests who never repeat themselves in What´s My Line. And that means something! But most importantly, there’s still plenty to watch!

genre: entertainment show

runtime: 45´

license: Fremantle (What´s my line?)

director: Tomáš Eibner

host: Vlado Voštinár