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To save one life means to save hundreds of stories

JOJ TV´s current longest-running series started its fifth season in the autumn and will see its grand finale in 2024. The audience loves stories from the hospital setting and regularly follows the fates of doctors and their patients, performed by a variety of top Slovak actors.

Since the early days of its broadcast in 2021, Nemocnica has been at the TOP of the rating charts, with each episode leading Slovak market, giving no chance to the big competition programmes. It became one of the most watched series on television. Viewers kept up with Nemocnica twice a week on linear TV, but also in the archives and on the JOJ play platform.

genre: family series

runtime: 50´

script/creative producer: Danica Hričová

director: Jan Novák

starring: Marek Majeský, Petra Vajdová, František Kovár, Alexander Bárta, Zuzana Kanócz, Kristína Turjanová, Juraj Hrčka, Eva Mores, Anna Nováková, Judita Hansman, Juraj Loj, Barbora Švidraňová, Robo Jakab, Braňo Deák, Ľuboš Kostelný and others