JOJ Plus


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The oldest “smaller” station in Slovakia and the second oldest station of the JOJ Group, which has been broadcasting since 2008, will remain to be the home of movie stars in the coming seasons.

Every night, JOJ Plus will continue to be a place of thrilling, entertaining and dramatic stories told by the world’s top actors in their latest and most famous films.

Among the premiere titles, JOJ Plus will air the action thriller Kandahar, the thrilling Paradise Highway, Let Him Go, Poker Face and Shattered, as well as the elite comedy Comeback Trail. Audiences will also be treated to blockbuster hits and cult franchises such as Lara Croft – Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Taxi and Mission Impossible.

In 2024, JOJ Plus will also continue to broadcast successful series and reality shows.

In the Slovak television premiere, the station will bring one of today´s most popular comedy series, Brooklyn 99, which ranks among the best sitcoms of the last decade.

The Slovak premiere will also feature an absolute novelty among reality shows – the competitive format Traitors – a concept of which resembles the party game Mafia. JOJ PLUS will broadcast its best foreign versions.