Grand prix


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A testosterone comedy about a road trip, friendship and stolen tyres.

Grand Prix is a feature film by well-known Czech director and screenwriter Jan Prušinovský, the author of series like Okresní přebor (District Championship), Trpaslík (Dwarf), or Most! (Bridge!). It has elements of road movie, social drama, mafia gangster and “crazy comedy”, which consciously works with exaggeration.

The film presents the story of two cousins, Roman and Emil, whose dream is to get to Formula 1 racing. Roman runs a “shabby” car dealership on the outskirts of town, has three children and a lively wife, Iveta. Emil, an ardent lover of order, “fiddles” his car shop in the centre and knows almost everything about cars. When one day Emil wins tickets to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in a TV competition, neither of them knows that their dream trip is about to turn into a wild ride across Europe. Especially when they’re hitched up to Štetka – Roman’s friend and local trouble magnet.

genre: comedy                                                                                                                        

running time: 106´                                                                                                                 

direction and script: Jan Prušinovský                                                                         

starring: Kryštof Hádek, Robin Ferro, Štěpán Kozub, Anna Kameníková, Marek Daniel, Eva Hacurová, Miroslav Donutil, Tatiana Dyková, Cyril Drozda, Michal Režný, Nikola Janković and others