The children of Nagano


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No dream is too big!

This sporty, comedy-tinged film by Czech director Dan Pánek is designed for the whole family and delivers a big dose of nostalgia.

Eleven-year-old Dominik is thrilled when the Czech team beats Canada in the “tournament of the century” in Nagano, Japan, to advance to the gold medal game. Despite being a bit of an outsider himself, he decides to buy a hockey stick and play hockey with his friends as best as they can. Especially with a tennis ball behind the house. His role model is Dominik Hašek and the team he and his best friend Honza form can’t be called anything else but Šable (after Hašek’s legendary home, the Buffalo Sabres). They hold the hockey stick more like a broom, but they start working on a big challenge – to beat the Red Wings, a team made up of older guys from the next village. After the initial debacle, Honza´s peculiar father, a former major league hockey player, sits in the Šable’s coaching chair. He takes charge of a very strange and disparate group of kids as he prepares them for a spectacular revenge!

genre: family / sports                                                                                                              

running time: 102´                                                                                                                 

direction and script: Dan Pánek

starring: Tom Brenton, Hynek Čermák, Klára Issová, Johana Racková, Otakar Brousek Jr, Pavel Batěk, Tatjana Medvecká, Fabián Šetlík, Simona Babčáková, Štepánka Fingerhutová, Honza Dědek, Dominik Hašek, Slavomír Lener, Robert Záruba, Petr Vichnar, Jana Bernáš-ková, Tomáš Havlínek, Petr Vršek, Adam Vojtek, Jan Forejt, Mario Straka, Oliver Dubský, Šimon Fikar, Lukáš Hogen, Ondřej Bystroň, Sebastian Petrů, Jonáš Pilař, Vilém Richard Borovička, Michaela Klenková and others