Love in Istanbul


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New Slovak series from oriental Istanbul

JOJ brings to Slovak screens a series full of unusual stories and dramatic plot twists, with a Slovak-Czech-Turkish cast. The series is filmed at exceptional unique locations right in Istanbul – Galata, Hagia Sofia, Eminonu square, Spice market, Yerebatan, Bebek – and at many other beautiful places on both the European and Asian sides.

The story takes place in the exclusive setting of the embassy, which in each episode solves unusual, even curious stories of Slovak citizens. The ambassador and the consul have to assist, for example, in organizing a Slovak-Turkish wedding, preparing a vernissage of world-class artists, adopting and moving a child, planning a Slovak day in Bosphorus or mediating trade between the countries. The series also follows the personal line of the ambassador and the consul, who, after many years, meet in Istanbul and their relationship is full of surprises and peripeteia.

genre: dramedy

runtime: 50´

production: NUNEZ NFE

producer: Oľga Núñezová

director: Ivan Holub

scenario: Tomáš Dušička

starring: Marian Mitaš, Lívia Bielovič, Daniel Žulčák, Jana Labajová, Peter Ondrejička, Simona Kollárová, Gregor Hološka, Juraj Bača, Maroš Kramár, Veronika Žilková, Ester Geislerová, Hana Holišová, Vlastina Svátková, Ondřej Sokol and others