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The most watched series in the history of TV JOJ continues!

The mega-successful Slovak series directed by brilliant Czech director Jan Hřebejk and versatile screenwriter Petr Koleček (the series Nový život, Hrobári, Lajna or Most!) continues in the second season, in which the fates of the main characters change unexpectedly.

Viewers can once again look forward to unique characters in an original genre that has taken the Slovak audience out of the familiar series waters and will again stay true to its bold reputation.

genre: comedy series

episodes: 8 x 50´

script: Petr Kolečko

director: Jan Hřebejk

starring: Alžbeta Ferencová, Zuzana Mauréry, Michal Kiník, Jevgenij Libezňuk, Marián Balog, Marsell Bendik and others