War of cops


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There are lessons to be learned from history. So that its bitter taste is not repeated.

After the political thriller Sviňa by producer and director Rudolf Biermann and Marianna Cengel Solčanská, filmmaker Rudolf Biermann decided to direct War of the Cops on his own. The script by journalist, commentator and writer Arpad Soltész is just as urgent.

The battle of David versus Goliath will be led by Captain Miky Miko, a reclusive police operative who skillfully navigates the edge of the law in the wild atmosphere of the Eastern Slovak underworld in the early 1990s. Local mafia gangs protected by deals with the SIS live here in a delicate symbiosis with businessmen and the local police – generously rewarded for turning a blind eye to crime.

genre: action thriller                       

running time: 144´                                                                                                                 

director: Rudolf Biermann                                                                                                         

script: Arpád Soltész                                                                                                         

starring: Alexander Bárta, Juraj Loj, Patrik “Rytmus” Vrbovský, Anežka Petrová, Marián Mitaš, Vladimír Hajdu, Róbert Jakab, Jakub Štáfek, Jevgenij Libezňuk, Jakub Rybárik, Branislav Bystriansky, Roman Polák, Erik Ollé, Bronislava Kováčiková, Barbora Švidraňová, Tomáš Turek, David Uzsák, Diana Semanová and others