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Popular competition show announces return to screens

The globally famous competition-entertainment show of the renowned licensor has already premiered on the JOJ screens few years ago. Now, with its renewed format, refreshed cast and with Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská as the host, it´s coming to Slovak screens again,

Jasmina, who has been a seasoned and extremely spontaneous co-host of the biggest talent show in our country, will now show her sharp wit and improvisation in the renewed competition, where two couples compete for the prize money. Each pair consists of one contestant and one well-known celebrity from show business world. The principle of the game remains the same – one player from the pair is given a password and the other should guess it solely on the basis of his one-word clue.

genre: game show

runtime: 48´

license: Fremantle (Password)

production: Magic Touch, s.r.o.

creative producers: Pavel Graus, Marek Ružička

director and producer: Rado Štefanov

moderuje: Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská