Gump – we are a duo


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A film for all those who can read a dog’s eyes, but also for those who can´t yet, or don’t believe it’s possible.

Czech feature film directed by F. A. Brabec and screenwriter Filip Rožek is a sequel to the lovely family film Gump – pes, ktorý naučil ľudí žiť (Gump – The Dog That Taught People How to Live) from 2021. And an interesting tidbit is that the last scene of the film was conceived by the filmmakers in a truly spectacular way. It starred about ten thousand dog owners with their 3.5 thousand pets.

The new Gump’s journey will start exactly where the previous one ended. With his beloved Béďa Kozí Bobek, the main animal hero will go through the story that the stars have written for them long before. And while Gump’s first story was sadder, in its loose sequel, viewers can look forward to plenty of hilarious animal scenes. Alongside the main character, the sequel will feature dog actress miss Jenny, who will play Gump’s sister, Kytička (Flower).

genre: family/adventure                                                                                                           

direction and camera: A. Brabec                                                                                        

script: Filip Rožek                                                                                                            

starring: Bolek Polívka, Richard Krajčo, Vica Kerekes, Štěpán Kozub, Zbigniew Czendlik, Zuzanka Švábková, Martina Pártlová, Karel Roden, Michaela Andělová, Patricie Pagáčová, Ivana Chýlková, Eva Holubová, Josef Vojtek, Olga Lounová, Anna Šulcová, Ivan Trojan and others