Tomas and Diana


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The sonde into the depths of partner life continues!

Exceptional format, quality cast, excellent filmmakers. In summer, addictive series has brought the opportunity for all generations to casually, insightfully and humorously peek into the anatomy of a partnership. Viewers could find the series not only on JOJ, but also on social media and the JOJ play platform, where it reached record numbers. Therefore, it will see more premiere episodes.

The series shows conflicting situations of an ordinary couple, in an excellent performance of Tomáš Maštalír and Diana Mórová, who also in real life formed a couple. Short passages from the life of a mature age couple give viewers a chance to relax, laugh, and guide them to lovingly deal with the everyday problems of two people who have decided to go through life together.

genre: comedy series

runtime: 25´

dramaturgy: Patrik Balint, Dáša Haraksinová

director: Michal Vajdička starring: Diana Mórová, Tomáš Maštalír