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Detective mystery with the theme of exorcism

JOJ TV brings original series genres and worldwide trends to Slovak screens on a regular basis. It is a rare opportunity for us to work on something that radically deviates from the usual scriptwriting and series framework. In recent years, several personalities of Czech-Slovak television and film production have participated in the scriptwriting and dramaturgy of a new original series.

Enigmatic atmosphere, supernatural forces, mysterious actions of the characters and mysticism on the edge of logic – this is the series Hunter (Lovec), which takes the theme of the battle between good and evil to a physical, confrontational level. Demons roam among ordinary humans, seeking a suitable physical shell for their existence. But evil has only as much power over them as they allow it to have. Tomáš is a man with strange supernatural abilities and Alica is a woman who mysteriously lost her mother as a child and grew up in an orphanage. Alica becomes part of the investigation of all the cases that Tomáš and the other “hunters” deal with.

genre: mystery crimi series

episodes: 8 x 60´

production: Slovenská produkčná, Česká televize, Trigon Production

creators/script: Tomáš Koňařík, Adam Doležal, Petr Hudský, David Ziegelbauer

director: Jiří Strach starring: Jana Kolesárová, Pavel Kříž, Petra Polnišová, Ivo Gogál, Marek Lambora, Jiří Dvořák, Judit Pecháček, Michal Režný and others